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Scientific/STEM Symposia


The Expert

Scientific/STEM Symposia proposals share cutting-edge research to inform and inspire our conference attendees. Professionals are encouraged to submit proposals in all STEM disciplines and especially in transdisciplinary or multidisciplinary topics.

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There will be a special focus on two topics for this year’s “featured tracks”: Climate Change and Indigenous Science (see below). In addition to being “featured tracks” for Scientific/STEM Symposia, these tracks will be incorporated into various activities and events throughout the conference.

FEATURED TRACK: Climate Change

Purpose: The Climate Change track will highlight work on climate change from a multidisciplinary perspective, including causes, effects, and mitigation. All relevant topics are encouraged, but in keeping with our conference site in Hawaii and the Hawaiian value of Malama ‘Āina (“to care for the land”), special consideration will be given for sessions that examine the effect of climate change on island communities.

Example Sessions
  • Climate Adaptation Science, an Emerging Area of Research, Education, and Career Opportunities
  • Interdisciplinary Climate and Weather Science and Services Supporting Community Decision Making

FEATURED TRACK: Indigenous Science

Purpose: The Indigenous Science track will highlight the work of Native American, Native Alaskan, and Native Hawaiian STEM professionals from both the Pacific Islands and the mainland. Sessions in this track will include talks on the importance of acknowledging the intersections between Western science and traditional knowledge, and how doing so has affected the speakers’ work throughout their academic and/or professional journeys.

Example Sessions
  • Indigenous Physicists: How Our Culture Shapes Our Identity as Scientists
  • The Cultures of Science: The Intersection between Western and Indigenous Knowledge
  • Merging Traditional Knowledge with Scientific Knowledge for the Understanding and Mitigation of Natural Hazards

Session Proposal Period Has Ended

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