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Session Proposals


The Expert

No matter where you are in your STEM journey, the SACNAS conference serves to equip participants with practical training, skills, and motivation for the road ahead. Through session proposals, experts in their field can share knowledge and practical tools with attendees in an intimate and meaningful way. Topics may include cutting-edge science, research, and professional development.

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New This Year

We are proud to present four featured tracks: Climate Change, Indigenous Science, Science Communication, and Inclusion in STEM. In addition to being featured tracks, these tracks will be incorporated into various activities and events throughout the conference.

Note: Session proposals are not required to fall under a featured track, but should align with main session categories: Scientific/STEM Symposia or Professional Development.

Scientific/STEM Symposia

Featured Tracks:
Climate Change
Indigenous Science

Professional Development

Featured Tracks:
Science Communication
Inclusion in STEM

Session Proposal Period Has Ended

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