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Cultural Events

SACNAS Cultural Events
SACNAS Cultural Events

Cultural Events

What makes you unique, is what makes the SACNAS conference unique. At the 2019 SACNAS conference, we’re celebrating your identity and how your unique experiences, history, and culture are powerful assets for a successful journey in STEM, and a critical part of pushing science and innovation forward. While this is an important component threaded throughout the entire conference, our multicultural events encourage attendees to engage in meaningful traditional cultural experiences in a widely inclusive and welcoming space.

'Aha 'Aina & Hawaiian Cultural Celebration

Presented by University of Hawai‘i, Kamehameha Schools, and Discover Puerto Rico

Thursday, October 31 at 5:45pm – 7:15pm
Roof Top Garden (3rd Floor)

This event is open to all full-conference registrations. Rooftop capacity is 2,000 max.
Note: Entrance, pupus (appetizers), and beverages are on a first come, first served basis.

Día De Los Muertos Ofrenda

Presented by University of California, San Diego

Thursday, October 31 to Saturday, November 2, 6am – 8pm
Lobby / Registration Area (Kamehameha Foyer)

Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an annual Mexican day of celebration for people to gather and remember those who have passed, primarily through an ofrenda, or altar where individuals place “offerings” such as photos and mementos of loved ones. With this year’s conference falling on Día De Los Muertos (November 1 and 2), SACNAS will provide a community altar for attendees to participate in this celebration throughout the conference. Just make sure to pack your photos (framed or unframed) and mementos to place on the altar!

SACNAS will provide:

  • Altar space for framed photos
  • Poster space with clips for printed (unframed) photos
  • Decorations
  • Framed photos of SACNAS Founders & Elders, and some STEM role models. Suggestions accepted via Facebook and Twitter.
Attendees are encouraged to bring:
  • Photos of their own loved ones (framed or unframed)
  • Additional photos of STEM role models or personal heroes

Important note about cigarettes and alcohol: In accordance with our smoke and alcohol policy, please refrain from adding cigarettes and alcohol to the ofrenda.

Día De Los Muertos originated several thousand years ago with the Aztec, Toltec, and other Nahua people. Rather than mourning the deceased, Día De Los Muertos is an uplifting celebration of death as a natural phase of life, and a time to keep the memory and spirit of those who have passed alive. (Día De Los Muertos is not connected to nor is it a “Mexican version of” Halloween.)

Along with music, food, and sharing stories of loved ones who have passed, the centerpiece of Día De Los Muertos is an altar which is built in cemeteries or in the home. Ofrendas will include traditional decorations (calaveras (sugar skulls), aztec marigolds, papel picado (pierced paper), & incense) along with the favorite foods, beverages, memorabilia and photos of the departed.

Indigenous Marketplace

Friday, November 1 from 7am – 8pm
Saturday, November 2 from 7am – 5pm
Location: Halawai Concourse

Indigenous marketplace vendors will also be at the SACNAS Pow Wow on Saturday, from 7—9pm. Support indigenous artists in our Indigenous Marketplace! Learn about the intricate beadwork required to complete a piece of jewelry, the symbolism behind different designs, and admire a variety of handmade crafts from local artists. Don’t forget to take home something special! The Indigenous Marketplace is open to all conference attendees.

Ka Hale No‘ono‘o Pono: A Safe, Brave, and Gracious Space for Reflection

Thursday, October 31 to Saturday, November 2 from 8am – 8pm
Room 308AB

This space is for you to process through self-reflection and dialogue.
Everyone with any background, identity, and STEM discipline is welcome here.

Ka Hale means the house. Our hope is that you feel at home. Noʻonoʻo Pono means to think carefully, meditate and concentrate. Feel free to use this space to do so.

We humbly ask that you interact with kapu aloha .
Kapu aloha helps us intentionalize our thoughts, words and deeds without harm to others. It honors the energy and life found in aloha and helps us focus on its ultimate purpose and meaning.” — Dr. Manulani Meyer

Native/Indigenous Gathering Room

Saturday, November 2 from 8am – 8pm Room 309

SACNAS Annual Pow Wow

Presented by University of California, San Diego

Saturday, November 2 from 7pm – 9pm
Roof Top Gard (3rd Floor)

This event is open to all conference attendees and the general public. Rooftop capacity is 2,000 max.
The SACNAS Pow Wow is a hallmark tradition during all SACNAS National Diversity in STEM Conferences. All drummers and dancers are invited to put on their traditional regalia and join us for an evening of dancing and singing! Local arts and crafts will be available for purchase.
Note: Entrance is available on a first come, first served basis.

SACNAS Artist Exhibition

Saturday, November 2 from 7pm – 9pm
Roof Top Gard (3rd Floor)

SACNAS is thrilled to host an exhibition of new works by 2019 conference artist Laurie Sumiye. Laurie’s Studio Pop-Up Shop will be located in the Lobby / Registration Area (Kamehameha Foyer).

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