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Mentor Judge

Mentor Judge
Mentor Judge

The Mentor

Giving back to the next generation is critical to cultivating a strong STEM workforce. For many students, there’s nothing like getting one-on-one mentorship to validate, motivate, and empower them to persist in their journey. As The Mentor, you can volunteer to listen to and score student presentations, and provide the next generation of STEM critical guidance for the road ahead. Collectively, our mentors support over 1,000 students each year, including many first-time presenters and first-generation college students.

Mentor Judge

Volunteer Time
  • Approximately 1.5 hours per day during the conference. Each mentor judge is assigned approximately 4 to 5 presentations in your discipline to view per day. Each presentation takes about 15 minutes to view and is scored electronically.
  • October 31 & November 1
  • Motivated to provide positive and constructive feedback to presenters
  • Must be a STEM professional with a Master’s degree or PhD
      Students currently in Masters or PhD programs will be assigned to undergraduate poster presentations
  • Previous experience in judging/mentoring in similar events preferred
  • Must be a registered attendee for the 2019 SACNAS conference

Important Note: Mentor Judges are not eligible for discounted or waived registration.

For Questions or Comments

Email or call (877) 722-6271, ext. 250